General FAQs

Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece at No 11 of 3rd Avenue George Papanikolaou, right at the exit of the city's ring road to the area of Pefka.

Thessaloniki, historically also known as Thessalonica, Salonika or Salonica, is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Central Macedonia as well as the capital of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace. Its honorific title is Συμπρωτεύουσα (Symprotévousa), literally "co-capital", and stands as a reference to its historical status as the Συμβασιλεύουσα (Symvasilévousa), "co-reigning" city of the Byzantine Empire, alongside Constantinople. Thessaloniki is Greece's second major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre, and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe; its commercial port is also of great importance for Greece and the southeastern European hinterland. The city is renowned for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general, and is considered to be Greece's cultural capital. Events such as the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival are held annually. Founded in 315 BC by Cassander of Macedon, Thessaloniki's history spans some 2,300 years. An important metropolis by the Roman period, Thessaloniki was the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire. Thessaloniki is home to numerous notable Byzantine monuments, including the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as several Roman, Ottoman and Sephardic Jewish structures. The city's main university, Aristotle University, is the largest in Greece and the Balkans.


Panoramic view of Aristotelous Square, one of Thessaloniki's most recognizable areas, which was designed by Ernest Hebrard.


We welcome you to visit our factory and our beautiful city.

May I pay a visit to your factory?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory at any time.

How long has MABIKAL S.A. been in business?

MABIKAL S.A. was started in 1970. We are a family-owned business that offers customized services and quick response times that only a family-oriented business can. MABIKAL S.A. is a value-added manufacturer with emphasis on quality and value. See our About Us Page to learn more about us.

What warranties do your product carry?

MABIKAL S.A. guarantees that all of our products, wire, cable, connectors and more, are free from defects. We will take back any product that does not meet the customer's specifications.

What is a value-added manufacturer?

As a value-added manufacturer, MABIKAL S.A. offers many services to customize your order. We provide numerous services including CE Tags to meet your internal certification needs, and cut, strip, stripe, dye, stamp and/or print your order to ease in identification or to meet specification.

Do you make custom cables?

Custom Cables are our specialty! We can design almost any cable to meet your specific need. We have fast turnarounds and low minimums as well. Be sure to check out our Custom Cable Page.

Can cables be cut to length?

Yes. We offer a cut-to-requirement service on the majority of our cables.

Can you do special put ups?

Of course! Just tell us how you want your order put together. MABIKAL S.A. offers a wide range of spool sizes and materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal. For large quantities we can even drum-pack your cable.

Is there an order minimum or line item minimum?

MABIKAL S.A. has one of the lowest order minimums. There are no line item minimums unless specified by the salesperson.

Do you profit on shipping costs?

MABIKAL S.A. does not profit on shipping costs. The amount that the shipping company charges is basically the amount that we charge you.

How long does it take to get a quote back?

Most quotes are returned immediately, however, if it is for a special construction, it could take up to 24 hours.

What is your average turnaround time?

MABIKAL S.A. will ship any in-stock item the next day after clearance of payment. For custom cables, we can have the order ready within 7 to 10 days after receiving your deposit.
Please, please confirm the lead time with our sales team when you place the order, since the inventory and production plan may change at different time.

Do you drop ship?

Of course! We can even use a private label and use your packing list, if so desired.

Do you do Just-In-Time shipping?

MABIKAL S.A. has a long tradition of working with customers that utilize just-in-time inventory management. By decreasing stock-in-hand, production costs are lowered and valuable space is freed. We can work with you and our suppliers to ensure that your material is shipped cost-effectively to you within 24 hours of a request.

Do you custom package?

We strive to meet our customers' needs and therefore have no problem meeting most specifications. We can reel into rolls, disposable cartons, special reels, or load your wire and cable into reusable plastic containers. Please check with your sales representative first to verify we can meet your need.

Who do you sell to?

MABIKAL S.A. sells to companies and businesses all over the world. See our Global Supply Page.

I don’t have specifications for the cable I need. Can I send you a sample?

Yes, MABIKAL S.A. can reverse engineer most cables. We are also available to assist you in a consulting capacity if you are unsure of what product is necessary for your application.

What's your sample policy?

You can have samples of our products for free. You need to pay for the cost. You can use your courier, just give us your account No.

How do you control the quality of the products?

Our products have to go through at least five checks in the whole process.In order for us to assure our customers of a quality cable, many components must be inspected and several tests run. All raw materials are inspected upon arrival. The first step of every process is inspection. Before shipping, our Quality Assurance department does a final check for proper electrical and cosmetic properties as well as adherence to customer specifications. We have obtained  ISO9001:2008 and so on as we always put quality as the first consideration, all our products carry the CE marking and all the materials meet the RoHS and REACH compliance. Read our Quality Policy page.

Does MABIKAL S.A. sell directly to OEMS?

Ofcourse we do.

What about distributors?

Ofcourse we do.

How can I obtain cable prices or/and check stock availability?

Call us at +30 2310 611234 or use the Quote Form to get an offer.

Can't find an answer?

Call us at +30 2310 611234 or use our Contact Form.