Global Supply

We export our range of cables worldwide.

Global Service:

We work side-by-side with our customers, no matter where they are, offering a complete consultancy and advice service. The earlier we become involved the better, as we can ensure you get the very best result.
We frequently advise clients on specification requirements of a project/tender. Our expertise means we can bring specific knowledge to understanding and selecting the right products. And our experience enables us to advise clients on optimal financing. Our friendly, efficient approach means you are always in the picture as we match availability to requirement at best possible price.  Wherever you are, we have the experience and resources to bring expert knowledge to your project and deliver on our promises.

Global Delivery:

We can supply you with our products be air, sea, road .We distribute specialized cable products all over the world and are proud of our skillful logistics and distribution department. Our preferred shipping sources offer the price advantage and reliable service you are looking for.
We offer a full range of specialist logistical solutions for all parts of the world. This includes First Class freight, air, sea and road transport with all required documentation provided. We have close relationships with the largest freight forwarders and are able to ensure the best freight rates and service all over the world. Our customers are always striving to achieve inventory reduction and to lower costs. With our logistics planning, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Production Management Control (PMC), we can help you to lower inventory by planning our manufacturing to meet your needs and delivering on time.
By working close with your purchasing managers and logistics staff, we can achieve the most beneficial and cost effective product delivery solutions. We track every shipment and know precisely its whereabouts and delivery schedule.

To accommodate our client’s production planning, we can ship to multiple locations, take care of customs, package products to exact specifications and make it easier for you to deliver and use our cable in your production lines.

Your expected date of delivery is not only our delivery deadline but a measure of our logistics precision and skill.

  • We ship to Europe every day of the week. We reach most European countries within days of receiving your order.
  • Air freight is frequently used.
  • We are expert in international packaging requirements.
  • We have no intermediaries. Cutting out the "middle men" allows us to offer the most competitive prices.
  • From small packages to large pallets we ensure all packaging is done to the highest specifications. Competitive pricing. Uncompromised quality.

Price Test:

Our aim is to help you save money without compromising quality. Our first priority is always to ensure that every product we sell meets or exceeds the most stringent national and international standards. That is not negotiable. But the price, circumstances willing, may be. We realise that we operate in a challenging environment and we pride ourselves in working with our clients to make sure they are getting maximum value. So our sales team can, at any time, supply you with a price comparison on your regular stock order. We are confident that given the whole package – product, service and after sales support, you will not be able to buy better.